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  • Herem


    EDTScript & Art: Noiry2013 Many years ago, the nephilim Ira, daughter of an angel and a human, made a deal with the twin demons Asmoday and Belial. But the memories of those times are confusing and incomplete. When a mysterious individual begins to kill one nephilim after another, Ira finds a clue that may help…

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  • Underdog


    Ediciones Gl√©natScript & Art: Noiry2011 Right before receiving a bullet to the head, Death themself appears before Black Dog and offers him a deal: a second chance in a change of his name. Thus, back to a world that believes him death, Dog is determined to seek answers and justice, with a big black dog…

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  • Isabeau


    Personal projectScript & Art: Noiry2015 Short story drawn for the Manga Contest held by ‘Ficomic’ back in 2006. It was awarded with the First Prize.In 2015 I decided to re-draw the pages.

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